Research Interests 
I am a Research Associate at the Vale Institute of Technology (ITV) and an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Computing at the Federal University of Pará. At ITV I am associated with the Environmental Monitoring group 
managing a research project on the usage of ubiquitous technology to improve the safety of Vale’s employees. As a researcher, I interact with Vale’s business units, government agencies and other companies to identify business opportunities, obtain funding, establish collaborations, and communicate insights.

I have a B.S. in Computer Science from the Faculty of Computing at the Federal University of Pará, a M. Sc. degree also in Computer Science from the State University of Campinas, and another M.Sc. and a Ph.D. degree in Information and Computer Sciences from the Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences at the UC, Irvine. I used to be a member of the Interactive and Collaborative Technologies group, originally Computing, Organizations, Policy, and Society (CORPS). Before joining ITV, I was a Research Scientist at IBM Research Brazil. 

My research interests are in the field of computer-supported cooperative work as applied to software engineering. In other words, I am interested in understanding how software engineers work together to develop software, to ‘get their work done’. This translates into a multi-faceted research approach that includes field studies, surveys, and tool development and evaluation. More generally, I am interested in computer-supported cooperative work (in issues like awareness, groupware design, ethnograpy and its relationship with design) and software engineering, more specifically, in distributed software development, event-notification servers, critics, design environments among others. If you want more details about my research interests, drop me a line and I will send you a longer research overview.

I have more than 80 conference and journal publications in international and Brazilian top-tier conferences and journals including ICSE, CSCW, CHI, IEEE TSE, IEEE Software, and jCSCW. Due to time constraints, not all my publications are in this web-page. I have served as a Program Committee Member of several international conferences including CSCW 2015, ICSE 2014, Group 2014, COOP 2014, ECSCW 2013, and others; and as a reviewer for several international conferences and journals and international funding agencies. I also have 4 grated USPTO patents with coworkers from IBM Research Brazil and 3 other filled USPTO patents with coworkers from IBM Research Brazil or from Vale Institute of Technology.

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I have 10+ years of experience in executing and managing research projects with distributed and multidisciplinary teams using a wide range of methodologies, both qualitative and quantitative. I also have experience identifying business opportunities, securing funding, establishing collaborations, and communicating research insights to internal business units, government agencies and other companies.

Contact: cleidson [at] cdesouza [dot] net